2013 Digital Media Trends and What They Mean for Your Hotel

eMarketer published an informative report projecting 2013 US digital media usage.  It analyzes next year’s behavioral growth of social media and e-commerce in relation to the population and 2012 trends. Although not specific to the hospitality industry, these trends are “critical for marketers to understand as they develop campaigns to target the growing online and mobile populations.” The data reveals digital media trends that will provide hotel marketers an abundance of opportunities to share their property’s story through visual storytelling.

Social network usage will surge

Social network usage growth will outpace that of broader Internet usage by 60%.This growth in social network usage translates into an opportunity for hotel marketers to extend the reach of their hotel’s story across these networks. It also provides the opportunity to watch and understand the story of your hotel that is being told by consumers in their social networks.

Facebook will continue to lead

Of all the social networks, Facebook will continue to dominate as 90% of the 165 million social network users in the US use Facebook at least once a month. Successfully reaching and engaging this audience requires fresh, relevant and most importantly, interesting visual content on your Facebook page.

Smartphones will become synonymous with Internet

Smartphones are rapidly gaining ground as the “new” Internet choice. In fact, 95.6% of smartphone users are also mobile Internet users. So, if your hotel website is not optimized for mobile, this needs to be a priority in your plans.  As travelers use their mobile devices to research and compare hotel options, they prefer to see rich visual stories, not read short bullet points or long paragraphs of text.

Video viewership growth will transcend screen size

Consumers are not only consuming video for entertainment, they are consuming video as a form of doing research. For hotels, video has the power to tell your hotel’s story and connect with viewers on a more emotional level.

Mobile video viewing is expected to grow by 22% next year, however hotel marketers are still too slow to adopt video. This projected growth in video viewing is a good reason to start. The fact that video is inexpensive, easy to produce and delivers to consumers across all devices, makes adding video to your online strategy a no-brainer.

Digital media is a force that can’t be stopped and visual storytelling is the way of the future for successful hotel marketers. Consumers are quick to pick up new technologies, so you should be too if you want to keep up with them and your competition. Take these great insights on what to expect in 2013 and use them to your advantage to make your hotel’s story stand out and attract more guests.


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