5 Key Points to Consider for Your Tablet Marketing Strategy

One of my main focuses as Product Manager of Emerging Technologies for VFM Leonardo, is the tablet market and how consumers are using these devices in the travel planning process.

The percentage of people in the United States that own tablets is predicted to reach 35% by 2014 – that’s approximately 89.5 million tablet users in the U.S. alone. This is potentially a huge opportunity for hoteliers.

I recently attended the Tablet Marketing Strategy webinar, hosted by HSMAI where there were five key points that I wanted to share.

1.       Tablet is a distinct device set apart from smartphones and desktop computers
Media and analytics companies treat tablets as a different device category
2.       Tablet optimized websites trump Apps for hotels
 Apps are not searchable on search engines and are expensive to build and maintain
3.       Hotel searches on tablet are surpassing those on desktop
-> Desktop queries are decreasing while tablet queries have been rapidly increasing at a rate of 180%
4.       Tablet users are spending more money
-> Tablet users spend more per purchase –  21% more than desktop and 54% more than smartphone
5.       Users expect experiences that reflect the capability of their device, like high resolution media
Hoteliers need a tablet enhanced version of their website, because  desktop sites  are not optimized for  touch screen’s.  Users expect a “tablet experience”
Keep these points in mind when choosing a solution to execute your tablet marketing strategy. You want to ensure the functionality of your tablet optimized website aligns with the requirements of travel shoppers. Consumers are continuously adopting new technologies and hotels need to make certain that they are keeping up.
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