5 Strategies to Slash Your Marketing Spend and Ramp Up Revenue

In order to slash your marketing spend and ramp up your revenue this year you’re going to need to focus on strategies that actually work. That’s why we’ve published this eBook. It’s packed with proven, easy-to-implement strategies that will help you lower your costs, empower you with more control and improve the results you see from your marketing efforts.

It’s not about industry trends specifically or what’s hot this year in hotel digital marketing. It’s about a better way to manage your online marketing. In the report, 5 Strategies to Slash Your Marketing Spend and Ramp Up Revenue, we identify five essential digital marketing strategies that will help you to spend less money on marketing and get better results this year.

Ramp Up Revenue

Rather than just reiterating this year’s trends, we’ve compiled them into an eye-opening look at where to focus your digital marketing attention. We explain how to:

  1. Regain market share with good stories and killer photos
  2. Supercharge your website and watch your revenue grow
  3. Set your search engine optimization strategy straight
  4. Get under your guests’ thumbs to win mobile bookings
  5. Save time and money with marketing technology

Here’s an excerpt from the resource: Travelers love sharing stories, photos, videos and smart hospitality marketers are using that content to show the real stories that unfold at their property. That’s what travel shoppers ultimately want to see – real stories, not generic hotel photos. Millennials in particular trust user generated content 50% more than any other type of media. This is a powerful phenomenon called ‘Social Proof. There’s an endless supply of guest created photos and videos available for the sharing – saving you time and money to create your own.”

Like what you see? The strategies in this eBook all revolve around increasing your direct bookings and ramping up your revenue – and don’t require a huge investment of your time or money. Even better news, these are all easy to put into action using marketing technology. With our insights report as a guide, great results are within your grasp!

5 Strategies to Slash Marketing Spend

What are you waiting for? Download the report, 5 Strategies to Slash Your Marketing Spend and Ramp Up Revenue and start improving your digital marketing today.

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