6 Creative Ways to Use Your Existing Hotel Media

As a hotel marketer, you know that having professional photos and video of your hotel online is a necessity. I’m sure you already have them produced and featured on your website, but are you getting the most out of these assets?

We’ve compiled a list of creative ways that you can use your existing hotel media to take your online presence to the next level and get more travel shoppers to book your hotel.

Email Signatures

Add a button that says “Take a Tour” to your email signature and link it to gallery section of your website. This way everyone you email can easily explore your hotel and become immersed in a rich visual experience. Get your employees and colleagues at your hotel to do the same to further its reach.

Sales Proposals 

If you have a great multi-media presentation that you can easily share, it can act as a sales proposal in itself. Send prospects a link that includes photos, floor plans, written descriptions, videos and tours that are relevant to them.

For example, a meeting planner wants to see your event facilities and learn about their features and capacities. Why bother sending a long, written proposal when you can send them to visuals with accompanying descriptions? In our eyes this is far more effective than any written sales proposal and hotels can vouch for that. Further, meeting and event planners who book their events at your hotel can then share a multi-media tour with their registrants and attendees so they know what to expect when they arrive.

Online Advertising

Add relevant visual media to the landing pages that you’re driving traffic to from your online
banner ads and PPC advertising or any other digital advertising campaigns you’re running. Studies show that online shoppers who watch video spend an addition two minutes on the site and are 144% more likely to purchase[i]. T he goal of your advertising campaigns is to convert lookers into bookers, so why not display your best and most influential marketing assets – your visual media?

Email Newsletters and Promotions

When you’re sending newsletters and promotions by email, add a “Take a Tour” button that directs readers to your hotel’s rich media.  After reading your newsletter and hearing about what your hotel has to offer, prospective guests who have never stayed before will be able to see visuals of your hotel and envision what the experience would be like, while past guests will be reminded of how great their experience was.  Rich visuals give travel shoppers confidence to book, so in both scenarios the visuals make them more likely to book or book again.

Social Media

Use twitter to tweet links that direct shoppers right to your hotel media. For example:
“@MadisonHotel: Take an online tour of our hotel! Click here –> bitly.xxxxxxx’
(don’t forget to use to make your links shorter).

Don’t forget Facebook! Post links that direct to your media on your timeline or use Facebook apps to create a multi-media gallery right on your Facebook page.


Get your media on third party channels – online travel agencies, review sites, corporate booking sites, and so on. The average travel shopper use two dozen touch points to research a trip online. That’s a lot of different places that you can make an impression on them, so make sure that all of these channels showcase your hotel in its best light. Unfortunately, getting your media out on these sites can be a daunting—and near impossible—task on your own, so enlist in the help of a company that can syndicate it for you.

To guarantee that you’re merchandising your hotel online successfully you need to ensure that you are giving travel shoppers access to your hotel media in as many places as possible. Use the ideas above as a starting point, then get creative and think of ways you can use it to make a bigger impact on online travel shoppers and get the most out of your investment in photography and video production.

Tell us! What other creative ways are you using your hotel’s media? Tweet your ideas to @vfmleonardo


[i] Video best practices, Thomson Reuters

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