7 Days of Epic Content Ideas for Properties on Social Media

The combination of social media and mobile (SoMo) devices are rapidly building into a force to be reckoned with.

This should certainly come as no surprise, but consumers are using their mobile devices to explore the top social networks as their digital playgrounds:

By leveraging the dynamic duo of SoMo, you can effectively communicate your property’s story in a fresh and authentic way. Think of social media and mobile as twin powerhouses designed to help you reach and engage a wider online travel consumer base. The trick now is to determine what kind of content will mix well with this recipe to entice travel shoppers to pick your destination off the menu.

We reached out to Mark Hayward, a former property owner and now a digital marketing expert, to tap into his creative vision and utilize some of his “real world” experience. He helps provide the ignition to kick-start your content creation process so you can properly use social media to build relationships, manage reputation, and ultimately increase revenue.

Courtesy of Mark, here are seven days of epic content ideas your property can incorporate on social media.


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