Best Methods to Incorporate Video in Your Hotel’s Online Marketing Strategy

Colin Osing, Vice President of Marketing for SoMedia Networks, explains in this VTV eMarketing Minute some of the best methods for incorporating video in an online marketing campaign for your hotel.

If you’d like to read the transcript instead, here’s what he suggests:

“Some of the best methods for incorporating video into an online marketing campaign…the obvious one is to get your video out there. YouTube is the second-biggest search engine now – it has over 1 billion unique visitors each month. So, taking the time and the effort to get your video on YouTube, as well as adding the appropriate title tags, metadata and descriptions, is super important.

The next obvious one is, whatever social channels that you’re active in, be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, throwing your video out there and encouraging your guests, as well as your employees and friends, to share creates that engagement and we found that’s super important.”

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