Best Practice Bootcamp, Session 3

Get Moving with Video

Videos tell stories and bring your hotel to life by creating emotional connections with guests. Whether it’s a guided tour of the hotel narrated by the General Manager, a “day in the life” story, or a series of videos showcasing different areas of your hotel, video is your way to be creative, set your hotel apart and inspire lookers to become bookers.  Just like the Holiday Inn Express Modesto has delivered in their video shown below.

According to comScore, exposure to online video can lead to a 40 percent increase in buying.  “For people who are wondering whether they should book a room, video will be that final little tap that will say, absolutely the place is awesome,” Susan Shields, General Manager of the Kimber Modern in Austin, Texas.

The Benefits of Video:
-> A property stands out in a crowded online environment
-> A video creates desire:  consumers are drawn into a property’s story, becoming emotionally engaged and inspired to book
-> Consumers feel more confident in their selection because they have a better understanding  of what to expect from the hotel
-> Video communicates key selling points more effectively than text or photos alone
-> Videos are proven to increase look to book conversion rates

Challenge: Evaluate your current videos then consider if they provide these benefits and properly represent your hotel.

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