Best Practice Bootcamp, Session 4

Strengthen Your Story

Before getting started with producing media for you hotel, you must surpass one obstacle – discovering your hotel’s story. Your story is the core to your hotel marketing – without a strong foundation you may struggle to keep up. Consider what makes your hotel uniquely compelling to the travelers you wish to attract. Rich media such as video, virtual tours, audio and floor plans, is only the medium through which you will show and tell this story.

To begin developing your story, you may want to ask yourself and your team a few questions that can help get your ideas flowing:
-> Who are your guests?
-> What are guests saying about your hotel?
-> What makes your hotel unique?
-> What are your competitors’ value propositions?
-> What would excite and inspire you if you were a travel shopper?

Much of this information can found by reading online reviews about your hotel. Guests will tell you what makes your hotel unique and compelling and what doesn’t… so reviews are good place to start. By addressing these questions in a rigorous way, you can begin to build a story that will attract more online travel shoppers – and more guests.

You’ll know what sets your property apart and you’ll become much more skilled at conveying this message. Here are some key exercises to help develop your story:

1.       Make it authentic

When everything is available at the click of a mouse, having a clean, comfortable hotel product is no longer enough. Creating an authentic story that captures the human element allows travel shoppers to connect on a personal level. This connection builds trust and drives action. Don’t be afraid to go on camera and welcome your guests in the same way you would welcome them when they arrive at your hotel.

2.       Make it relevant

With customers in control, irrelevant video is at best ignored and at worst creates a negative impression when viewers feel their time is wasted. Share a compelling story that resonates with the audience. Respect viewers’ time and provide them with actionable content. If you cater to young families on leisure travel, show them how their stay at your hotel will enhance their vacation. If you cater to business travelers, show them how their stay at your hotel will add to the success of their business trip.

3.       Make it engaging

Good information is no longer enough. Your online story has to stand out from the competition. Entertainment goes hand-in-hand with engagement. A story must deliver content in a format that interests and excites users. This is why a story is so important and why just walking around the hotel with a camera is not enough.

Challenge: Determine what your hotel’s core story is and start developing it.

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