Best Practice Bootcamp, Session 5

Enhance your Story Sharing

Now that you have your hotel’s story established, you need to consider how to share it with the world. As explained before, videos can have a very powerful effect on people by creating an emotional connection photos just can’t deliver. For that reason, I suggest sharing your story through rich video content.

Here are several winning exercises that can help ensure your online video efforts succeed:

1.       Make it short

Online shoppers have short attention spans. So you have to put considerable effort and thought into what story you want to tell and how. Short videos (I suggest 1 minute or less) also force you to think creatively and distill your value proposition down to its core.

2.       Make it available

Your ability to distribute and show your video through search engines, destination sites, online travel agencies, and thousands of other specialty sites will enable you to welcome the travel shopper through your digital front door in a way that differentiates your hotel. The most universally accepted way of making your video available on travel sites, social media, Corporate Booking Tools (CBT) and on mobile devices is through a trusted partner.

3.       Make it shareable

YouTube taught everyone that video is portable and starts conversations between friends. Videos that don’t meet this new expectation limit their own effectiveness. Sharing is an easy action that viewers can take to promote your business. By enabling conversations to spread, you’re giving yourself an easy opportunity to gain viewership. To promote sharing, make sure your video can be embedded, emailed and posted to the different social media sites.

4.       Make it on your budget

As mentioned earlier, questions about production costs always come up quickly when the issue is video. The good news is that you can produce persuasive video in a way that matches your objectives of story sharing and your budget. For example, hotels can produce enticing photo slide shows for as low as one hundred dollars.

5.       Socialize it

There are some very good reasons why social media is critical to your success.  Here are 2 key points to remember:  32% of travelers chose a different hotel based on the impact social media had on them.[1]  62% of leisure travelers find travel brands’ Facebook pages helpful.[2]

Consider using Twitter to tweet links that drive consumers right to your hotel’s media. For example:  @MadisonHotel: Take an online tour of our hotel! Click here –> link (don’t forget to use to make your links shorter).

Post links on Facebook that lead people to your hotel media and use the suite of Facebook apps to create a multi-media gallery right on your Facebook page.



Challenge: Create a video that tells your hotel’s story and share it with your audience.

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  2. [2] Atmosphere Research  Group Study, 2011


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