Best Practice Bootcamp, Session 8:

Make it Count

Like all marketing initiatives, it’s critical to remember that there isn’t a single silver bullet.  You don’t measure the “last thing” a consumer does before making a booking and say that that was the reason the consumer chose you.   Consider all of your marketing programs when evaluating your Return on Investment (ROI).

A partial list of general metric considerations may also include:

  • increase in bookings
  • increase in ADR before/after
  • views of media
  • site traffic
  • time spent on website
  • # of likes
  • # of pins

Congratulations! You completed our Best Practice Bootcamp!

A few things to remember as you enter the New Year: Figure out your story:  Think about location, style of property, staff/guests, experience, and positioning. Once your story is developed; ensure you’re using all of the visual merchandising tools available to you.  SHOW, don’t just tell, in a way that compels people to take action.  Optimize the experience for the consumer to ensure that they don’t “swipe you off the consideration list” because of a bad visual experience.  Use visual content on your websites, social media sites and on all the channels you’re represented on to increase engagement, inspire sharing and boost sales.

Final Challenge: Keep up the good work by maintaining your image and consistently updating your online presence.


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