Beyond the Last Click. Booking Attribution Becomes Top Priority

Beyond the last click! One of the elements of effective marketing is truly understanding what causes create what effect or effects. Rarely does one action by a consumer result in a sale and attributing all your efforts, resources and money to the click before sale is not going to help you build a better hotel marketing program.

In an article in HotelNewsNow from a recent HSMAI Digital Marketing Conference, James Harper (VP Analytics at digital agency, Organic) and others outline three main steps to building a more effective attribution model that can provide deeper insight than the traditional “last click” model marketers have been relying upon.

1. Define the attribution window. Define how far back you want to measure influence on booking. Hoteliers should begin to consider all influences that encourage the travel consumer to book. Rarely does a travel consumer make one-stop that results in a sale. This is why attributing all your efforts, resources and money to the click immediately before sale is not going to help you be a more effective marketer.

Marketers have placed too much weight on the travel consumer’s last click before conversion and have not properly credited influences that span the entire shopping journey. Although there was no recommendation on an appropriate timeline to look at, the article a typical consumer goods attribution model may span a week whereas in automotive it spans several months.

2. Indentify the shape of the attribution model. Attribution data is mostly read on a timeline and the influences are normally strong at the beginning, middle or end. It is recommended to be flexible and put a different emphasis on different points in the timeline.

3. Build the data system. When you are capturing and analyzing data, be sure to ask important questions, such as:

  • How often will the marketing campaign will be measured?
  • What defines success for the campaign?
  • What are the expected results?

When the data comes in, identify the path and the consumer touch points. It will be easier to do this on a more macro level and begin assessing weights to each touch point.

Attribution is an important function in marketing. If you are focused on better understanding the attribution of your marketing efforts it will surely make you a better marketer. Point of Sale, Point of Decision, Point of Discovery, and Point of Awareness should all be integrated with your KPIs.

To learn more about this, check out the article, Booking Attribution becomes Top Priority.

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