Bing Travel – In the Spotlight

When you hear “Bing” you most likely think of the search engine. What we want to shine the spotlight on is Bing Travel—the travel planning, research and review site powered by Bing.  It’s a leading source of up-to-date travel information for consumers worldwide. Bing Travel lets you know Know When To Buy™, When To Fly™, and Where To Stay™. Travelers rely on their smart travel search to easily compare, sort, and narrow flight and hotel results from hundreds of websites.

Why would you want to ensure your hotel is presented in its best light on Bing Travel?

When consumers set out to research an upcoming trip, which online resources do they find most helpful? According to Atmosphere Research Group, 83% of online shoppers find travel-focused ratings/review websites helpful while planning a trip. Bing Travel falls in to this category.

Bing Travel is a decision engine that provides innovative travel answers within the overall Bing search experience. Over 6 million consumers are empowered to make smarter, faster, more informed travel decisions with Bing Travel.[i]

Bing Travel is also a long established partner of ours and one of the many travel research channels in the VNetwork. They source images from our database of over 1 million images for 100,000 hotels worldwide and display the VPowered Multi-Media Player for VBrochure customers – providing a richer and more visually engaging story of the hotel for consumers worldwide.

How do travel consumers find and learn more about your hotel on Bing Travel?

We will walk you through it. Take for example you are planning a trip to Seattle. There are two ways through Bing that you can search for your hotel choices.

The first is by simply starting on the Bing search homepage and entering “Hotels in Seattle.” You are given a list of links to hotels that when clicked will direct you to the individual hotel detail pages on Bing Travel for these hotels.

The second way is to start directly on the Bing Travel homepage. From there, you select the “Hotels” tab and type in your search term ‘Seattle, WA.’

When you click on a search result you are moved to the hotel details page. In this case we have used the Pan Pacific Seattle as our example.

Either way, you land on the hotel details page. Like most travel shoppers, you want to know what the hotel is like and are immediately drawn to the photos (sourced from our database). Liking what you see, you want a deeper look at the hotel and click on the Mutimedia Tour link which opens the VPowered Multimedia Player for this VBrochure subscriber.

When launched, you become immersed in a rich visual experience.


As you click through the VPowered Multi-Media Player, high definition photos, 360° virtual tours and videos accompanied with enticing narrative descriptions of the hotel give you context. Under the ‘accommodations’ tab you are impressed by the hotels numerous rooms and spacious suites. You explore the Seastar seafood restaurant in the ‘dining’ tab while pictures of the food and description of the menu start your imagination (and taste buds) running. You begin to think that this is a hotel you want to stay at! Definitely one for the short-list. See how Pan Pacific Seattle is merchandising their hotel on Bing Travel.

This compelling and informative experience provides you with a richer story of the hotel and helps you better understand why you would want to book and stay at this hotel. Sources prove that visual content like what you saw for the Pan Pacific Seattle engages shoppers and influences buying behavior—especially since travel is so experiential.

Don’t miss out on Bing Travel!

As a hotel marketer, Bing Travel and VBrochure give you the opportunity to provide travelers with a great visually driven experience of your hotel (like the Pan Pacific Seattle does). This experience tells travel shoppers your hotel’s unique story, highlights all the features that make a guest’s stay successful, and allows them to ‘experience’ it as if they’re already there – giving them more confidence to book! Learn more about VBrochure and get started today!

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