Blockbuster Bookings at Hollywood Hotel

Jeff Zarrinnam, General Manager of Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, uses VBrochure to increase direct bookings at his hotel.  By incorporating the customized VBrochure onto his hotel website, Jeff has seen an increase in site traffic, video views and bookings. That’s what makes him a VFM Leonardo Merchandising Hero.

Hollywood Hotel – The Hotel of Hollywood
Located in the center of all the action, the Hollywood Hotel is a beautiful, ultra –modern property that draws both business and leisure travelers alike, and is renowned for its spacious rooms and European-style details.

Our Merchandising Hero
Jeff Zarrinnam has been the General Manager of Hollywood Hotel since 1994.  He has an established background in hospitality with over 30 years working in the industry and has overseen the development and operation of four different hotels. Jeff’s strong background has equipped him with skills in driving revenue, marketing, improving service standards, increasing profit, and maintaining various franchise standards.

At Hollywood Hotel, Jeff has focused on increasing direct bookings though the hotel website and mobile site, and VBrochure has been helping him make great strides toward this goal.

The Strategy
“I like how easy it is for guests to use the Multimedia Player,” says Jeff, “I’m able to distribute content to more potential guests effectively, which results in more direct bookings.”
With VBrochure, Jeff built a customized multi-media viewer that contains all his visual and textual content packaged into an easy to navigate story of the hotel. In addition to syndicating the viewer across VNetwork and reaching consumers on the travel websites they use to research, shop, buy and share travel, Jeff has installed the customized player on his hotel’s website, Facebook Apps Suite and email signature links. By extending the reach of his hotel’s story, and exposing guests to his viewer separately from  traditional third party travel websites, Jeff is driving online traffic to the hotel website, leading to an increase in direct bookings through the hotel.

“Our website traffic, video views and direct bookings have increased substantially since we incorporated VBrochure with our hotel website,” Jeff explains.

A Special Hollywood Hit
Promoting Special Offers is a unique way that Jeff can make Hollywood Hotel stand out against his competitors, and gives guests the added incentive to book directly through the hotel’s website. The Facebook apps suite features a Special Offers app to allow hotels to showcase unique and exciting offers to their customers, an option that Jeff is makes the most of.

“There has been some uptake from guests with the special offer on the viewer,” Jeff points out. “Next I’d like to add some additional offers in the player as well as on the Facebook page.”

Celebrity Status with VBrochure
Jeff has made his online marketing strategy a priority for Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles.  In the midst of a sea of options, his hotel stands out because of his effective use of  VBrochure across the VNetwork and  beyond.  By incorporating his Player on the hotel website, Facebook and in email signatures, more potential guests are taking notice of his hotel’ s story through photos, rich media and special offers. This exposure is leading to increased website visits, and ultimately, a substantial increase in direct bookings.

For more information on VBrochure and how it can help you reinvent your hotels online presence – book a demo with one of our consultants today!

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