Channel Spotlight: Bank on More Business and Event Bookings with Banks Sadler

Banks Sadler delivers global meeting management services to business and meeting planners worldwide. They handle over 15,000 venue bookings and 400 event management projects for a range of corporations, SMEs, government departments and associations. Banks Sadler saves clients an average of 31% against published prices, making it a top booking choice for users planning international meetings, events and travel.

Banks Sadler’s mission is to develop client relationships and employ the best people to cultivate those relationships. To further this mission, they have partnered with VFM Leonardo to provide their clients with a richer, more visually engaging experience online.

To make this possible, Banks Sadler uses VFM Leonardo’s VPowered Multi-Media Player to display hotels’ visual content within the website.

When a client chooses a hotel from the search results page the “Supplier Details” page is launched for the hotel.  Clients then have the opportunity to click through the tabs, “General Info,” “Rates,” “Terms” and “Multimedia.” When the multimedia tab is chosen the page is launched with the embedded VPowered Multi-Media Player .

Users are immediately immersed in eye catching visuals of the hotel. Images are displayed in a simple, easy to navigate format that is more engaging to users than traditional media players.

Hotels that subscribe to VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure have the added benefit of their customized VBrochure Multi-Media Player being displayed in this section of the website. The player includes their customized media tabs, additional images as well as videos, 360° virtual tours and detailed written descriptions of each piece of media.

This experience provides users with a richer story of the hotel and helps them better understand why they would want to book their event, meeting or travel with this supplier. Visual content – like what you see above – engages shoppers and influences buying behavior.


Don’t miss out on Banks Sadler!

Banks Sadler and VBrochure give you the opportunity to provide travelers with a great visually driven experience of your hotel. This experience tells travel shoppers your hotel’s unique story, highlights all the features that make a guest’s stay successful, and allows them to ‘experience’ it as if they’re already there – giving them more confidence to book!

Learn more about VBrochure and get started today!

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