Channel Spotlight: Visit London

With the Summer Olympics fast approaching, London is becoming a number one destination for travelers this summer.  Visit London—the official tourism website for London, England—is providing travelers with up to date information on accommodations, events, visitor reviews, travel tips and more.

Why would you want to ensure your hotel is presented on Visit London?

Visit London is a unique opportunity to reach anyone that is travelling, or thinking of travelling to London, England.  Unlike many Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) websites, Visit London does more than just promote the city as a whole. By giving visitors information on tourist attractions, city events and the ability to research hotels and book directly on the site, Visit London is a one-stop shop for people travelling to London.

Nine out of ten people use computers to look up travel information online[i] and DMO’s are used by consumers to facilitate travel at all parts in the travel shopping process.

Visit London is owned and run by London & Partners, a long established partner of VFM Leonardo and one of the many destination research channels in the VNetwork. They source images from our database of over 1 million images for 100,000 hotels worldwide and display the VPowered Multi-Media Player for VBrochure customers – providing a richer and more visually engaging story of the hotel for consumers worldwide.

How do travel consumers find and learn more about your hotel on Visit London?

Take for example a traveler is looking to book a hotel in Kensington, a neighborhood in London. They would start their search on and click the “accommodation” tab to be provided with a search box to input their criteria.

They would search “Kensington” and choose “all accommodations”. This search provides them with a list of hotels and a high definition thumbnail photo of each.

The Hilton London Kensington catches their attention so they want to learn more. By clicking the link they are sent to the hotel details page for that property.

They become intrigued by the photos they see on the description page (sourced from our database), so after a quick read through the text they are eager to see more. By clicking “View more images” located under the photos, they launch the VPowered Multi Media Player for this VBrochure subscriber.

They immediately become immersed in an informative, interactive and visual experience. 360° virtual tours allow them to explore the hotel, the high definition photos provide insight into the hotel’s story and the descriptive text informs the shopper about the features of the hotel.

As the shopper clicks through the VPowered Player they are pleased to see the variety of rooms the hotel has to offer. The virtual tour of the suite allows the shopper to explore the room and become engaged by the rich media. The descriptive text beneath the photos tells them that every room has a mini bar (always a plus) and air conditioning in the summer. The high definition photos highlight the modern style of the front lobby, lounge and business center, as well as the functionality of the conference center and boardrooms.  See how Hilton London Kensington is merchandising their hotel on Visit London.

Visit London and VBrochure tells travel shoppers your hotel’s story and highlights its unique features. Give shoppers the “experience” of your hotel as if they’re already there so they have the confidence to book!

When online shoppers are able to view the VBrochure Multimedia Player while planning a trip, it gives them experience to learn about the hotel that is unrivaled by any other resources on the web. The compelling and informative experience provides shoppers with a richer story of the hotel and helps them better understand why they should book with your hotel.

Don’t miss out on Visit London!

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