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Do hotels need mobile websites?

Expert: Partrick McCarthy, Internet Marketing Manager, Blue Magnet Interactive Marketing & Media.

“I believe that a mobile website solution is essential for hotels, especially considering the increasing popularity and importance of mobile and local search. Now, whether it is a separate mobile site that redirects from a main site or if it’s a site with responsive design, that’s a whole other question. But regardless, it doesn’t matter how much mobile traffic a hotel is driving to their site. If users have to contend with a desktop version that they have to scroll in and they have to zoom around to try to click little buttons they’re just not going to convert, and they’re probably going to go to a competitor’s website. A mobile site makes sure that users get the information they need quickly and easily, and it gives guests a positive experience before they even get into the hotel. At Blue Magnet, I’ve seen in many cases that having an optimized mobile site will be the difference between a user choosing one hotel over another.”

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