Effective Marketing includes video on mobile devices!

Storytelling is a very powerful tool for hotel marketers. Telling your hotel’s story in a rich visually engaging manner can help travel shoppers connect on a more emotional level with your hotel. Since consumers buy with emotion and justify purchase with rational thought storytelling… good storytelling can help the marketer connect with consumers on both levels and improve their conversion.

Using video as a medium for story telling is especially effective at creating an emotional connection with the consumer. Video is a great way to show your future guests the personality and highlights of your hotel. Bringing travel shoppers on a tour of your hotel can help you connect with them and motivate decision.

Today consumers are increasingly consuming video content on their smartphones. In fact mobile is the fastest growing segment of video. Jennifer Marlo states in her article “The power of video and good storytelling”, that 107 million people own smartphones and the average smartphone owner spends 119 minutes a day on their mobile device, and over 23 percent of time is spent consuming mobile media. She tells us in this article that knowing what devices consumers are viewing video on is just as important as knowing when they’re browsing on their smartphones.

With the growth of mobile use for hotel research, shopping and booking it is obvious that the smartphone gives hotel marketers yet another way to reach and engage consumers with their stories. Mobile opens a door for hotel marketers to dive into their consumers’ hands and take their message deeper with interactive formats and dynamic creativity.

A focus on video storytelling across all platforms (including mobile) is a powerful way to propel a hotels success forward.

In the same article, Marlo explains that marketers have a huge opportunity and need to take full advantage of video on mobile. Now it is possible for marketers to target their hotel shoppers by geo-location, device, search and mobile app. Targeting allows for new and advanced marketing techniques and being able to reach new and specific audiences.

Once again, storytelling can become a big part of targeting hotel shoppers by location. Hoteliers can take their messages deeper with interactive formats and creativity, giving travel shoppers a glimpse of their hotels story through smartphones. If you want to learn more about how to creatively engage with consumers on a mobile website check out VFM Leonarodo’s VPowered Mobile Hotel Website.

How are you using mobile websites or apps to tell your hotel’s story?

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