Embassy Suites Miami International Airport Reaches out to Customers on Social Networks with Engaging Multimedia Experiences

BARBARA RAZA helped ramp up her property’s social networking and multimedia initiatives with VBrochure™, and that makes her a VFM Leonardo MERCHANDISING HERO!

The Property

More than just an airport hotel, The Embassy Suites Miami International Airport hotel is located in the heart of Miami, amid lush landscaping and Mediterranean style courtyards.Located just five minutes from Miami Airport and 10 minutes from the Port of Miami, The EmbassySuites Miami International Airport hotel offers access to many of Miami’s top tourist destinations and corporate districts, and is close to South Beach, as well great shopping and exceptional dining. The hotel is a favorite among business travelers, vacationers and families alike.
Our Merchandising Hero

Barbara Raza is Director of Sales at The Embassy Suites Miami International Airport Hotel, and she’s helped the property develop and improve its social networking, online and multimedia strategies.

Barbara achieved Merchandising Hero status by taking the lead on these strategies, and using VBrochure™ to integrate the hotel’s content with social media sites, e-mail and OTAs!

The Strategy

The Embassy Suites Miami International Airport Hotel’s digital marketing strategy included leveraging social networking to spread word of mouth about the property, with a focus on multimedia.

To that end, Barbara ensures the hotel’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are kept up to date with promotions and prizes in addition to showing the amenities of the property.

In order to allow visitors to experience what a stay at The Embassy Suites Miami International Airport Hotel is like, Barbara has included an engaging video, high resolutions virtual tours, and a variety of photos in her VBrochure Multi-Media Player. She’s also followed VFM Leonardo’s best practices when setting up their player, using custom tabs to highlight the property’s unique attributes, and text to accompany each media item.

“(VBrochure™) is an expansion and enhancement of our online presence,” Barbara says. “The ability to have all media stored in one location for multiple distribution channels is very efficient!”

In addition, the hotel is very conscious to include everything a visitor might need to know in the employees’ e-mail signatures, including a link to their VBrochure™ viewer as well as social media links, all of which helps ensure a consistent experience for all correspondence.

The VBrochure™ Difference

While Barbara said it’s too soon to determine any specific improvements from the property’s use of VBrochure™ – they’ve only had it implemented for a short time – she believes VBrochure™ will make a difference in how visitors see the hotel.

 “It allows the guest to visualize the guest experience (and) allows our guests to experience all aspects of the property through video, stills and virtual tours at the point of sale,” she says.

The Embassy Suites Miami International Airport Hotel’s viewer might be a recent addition, but it already has great photos, video and virtual tours, is live across VFM Leonardo’s distribution network, and is fully integrated with the property’s social networking initiatives. An increase in bookings is sure to follow!

In the meantime, Barbara has some advice for any peers looking to improve their digital marketing initiatives: “I would recommend that they utilize VBrochure in order to increase their distribution, enhance their online presence and facilitate distribution of media through one central point,” she says.

Want to learn more about how VBrochure™ can become a key component of your marketing strategy, and how you can become a Merchandising Hero? Book a Web demo with VFM Leonardo today!


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