Exciting Enhancements to the VBrochure Facebook Apps Suite take Advantage of Facebook Timeline for Business

Within minutes of Facebook announcing sweeping changes to its platform at its first ever marketing conference yesterday we had hoteliers asking what we’re doing to take advantage of these changes.

I’m Zabrina, Product Manager, Emerging Technologies at VFM Leonardo and my team is already hard at work. To keep you up to speed, here’s a quick overview of what Facebook is changing and how we’re adapting our Facebook Apps Suite.

Business Page owners have until March 30th to switch over to Timeline voluntarily. After which, Facebook will automatically convert all business pages to Timeline.

When you switch over to Timeline, a couple of things will happen. Your Facebook page tabs (including your VBrochure Facebook Apps) which used to be on the menu on the left-hand side of the page will appear at the top of the page just under your cover photo and will be quite a bit larger.

Visitors to your Facebook Timeline page will see four icons under your cover photo. By clicking the drop down, they will see up to 12 Apps. You want those first four tabs to be your most important ones.

Your photos tab automatically appears in the first spot. Next in line is your Likes tab. After that, you can arrange the other tabs as you like. We recommend putting your VBrochure Take a Tour and Special Offers Apps next.

Thanks to the new location (and size); your tabs will be more prominent. We are working on re-designing the tab icons to make them more visual (think ad banners) so you can take full advantage of this. We anticipate these will be implemented prior to the mandatory change over date.


Along with the switch to Timeline, page tabs will be increasing in width from 520pixels to 810 pixels. This increased real estate is a windfall for our highly visual Facebook Apps and we will be launching versions to coincide with the new, wider format soon.

That’s it for now. More updates to come soon!

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