Find, Design, and Create: Our Success Coaches Discuss 7 Ways to Develop Your Story

With over 7 billion people worldwide, they say no two people are alike. They say each individual is unique and they carry their own exclusive stories about who they are. So, like your authentic shopper, why not tell a one and only stand out story about your property?

Many of the hospitality professionals we speak to often can describe their features and amenities without pause, but describing their story is where they draw a blank.

That’s why I am going to tell you that you already have all the insights and ideas you need to find your story – now you just need to take that leap and express just how unique you are and why travel shoppers should stay with you.

What’s My Property’s Story?

One of the best ways to find your story is to listen to what guests are saying about you online.

Guest reviews are a good source for inspiration and a great place to start regardless if they are positive or negative. You may be surprised how positive guest reviews can uncover hidden aspects of your story and how you can flip negative reviews into future opportunities.

Once you’ve gathered the insights, think about how they can be combined into stories. Keep in mind, storytelling requires an abundance of visuals. Shoppers do want to see what your guestrooms look like but that’s not all. For example, featuring your property’s local attractions and community through video would be a fantastic way to express your story.

Also, today most travel shoppers are booking online. So, once you have found all your outstanding visuals, which convey your interesting and unique story, it comes down to how to properly display them.

Two words: vanity website.

Vanity websites allow you more freedom to display your visuals and create an overall look and style that you feel best represents your story. Let’s face it, what are great visuals for if they can’t be showcased with a bit of be-dazzle?

Need help finding your unique story? I would love to now hand over the virtual stage to our master Success Coaches who are the pros when it comes to helping properties find and tell their stories.

Here is their advice.

7 Tips for Hospitality Storytelling Success: 7 Tips for Hospitality Storytelling Success, featuring Leonardo’s Success Coaches!

Posted by Leonardo Social on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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