Hampton Inn & Suites Orange County Airport Boosts Online Visibility and Bookings with VBrochure

THIS is Patrice St. Clair. Patrice is an experienced hotel marketing and sales professional. Her role in helping the Hampton Inn & Suites Santa Ana/Orange County Airport deliver a compelling online experience and realize a 9% increase in bookings, makes her a VFM Leonardo MERCHANDISING HERO!

The Property

Located just three miles from John Wayne International Airport, The Hampton Inn & Suites Santa Ana/Orange County Airport is the most popular amongst TripAdvisor’s top 25 hotels in Santa Ana, with an average 4/5 rating by travelers.

The property is right in the heart of the business and entertainment district with easy access to numerous area attractions, including Disneyland, and some of the finest golf courses California has to offer. The hotel’s 122 suites fit the needs of families, business travelers, and group travel.


Our Merchandising Hero

Patrice St. Clair brings a wealth of experience to her role as Area Director of Sales for SKAC Properties Inc. She has been with SKAC for five years, and before that, she owned and operated Hospitality Marketing Solutions. Patrice has also worked with Marriot International, the Hilton Orange County Airport hotel, and the Omni Tucson National Spa Resort in a variety of sales and marketing roles.

Overall, Patrice has close to 15 years of hotel sales and marketing experience, and she knows the ins and outs of effective and successful hotel marketing.

Patrice saw that VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure™ solution would help boost  bookings for the Hampton Inn & Suites Santa Ana/Orange County Airport by maximizing the hotel’s online exposure, and that makes her a VFM Leonardo Merchandising Hero!

The Strategy

The Hampton Inn & Suites Santa Ana/Orange County Airport hotel’s marketing plan was geared toward telling an engaging story and maximizing visibility across multiple channels. “These days it’s all about visuals, visibility, third parties and GDS channels,” Patrice says.  “More than ever before, travel shoppers (are using the internet to research and purchase travel. To reach these travel shoppers, we have to boost our visibility by being on online channels, with more compelling visuals that tell a more compelling story of our hotel.”

VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure™, with its visual storytelling options and expansive distribution network, was an ideal solution for the property.

Patrice made sure the hotel’s story in VBrochure resonated with travel shoppers on an emotional level. She included engaging narrative – relevant text, geared to specific niche markets, which effectively communicated the hotel story to the audience. The text and visuals helped ensure anyone seeing their “mini-website” could clearly see that The Hampton Inn & Suites Santa Ana/Orange County Airport offered comfortable accommodations close to the airport without sacrificing quality!

Patrice notes that, “while we have assistance from the Hilton brand, we also wanted to implement our own initiatives regarding online visibility to enhance what the brand is already doing for us.”

“Online channels with compelling visuals produce the best marketing ROI,” she continues. “Visual merchandising is vital for every hotels online strategy!”


The VBrochure™ Difference

Patrice says VBrochure™’s visual presentation capabilities and distribution network stood out to her.

“It’s a necessary investment to be able to target – emotionally and linearly – the drivers and buying decisions of a travel shopper,” she says. “This is where VBrochurereally helped:  getting the high quality visuals out there, and effectively connecting (us) with our customers.”

“Videos are a necessary and vital investment,” Patrice says. “They allow us to connect more effectively with our customers, who are visual and emotionally motivated by pictures and images.”

In addition, Patrice notes that it’s important to keep images, videos and text descriptions up-to-date and relevant, in order to both educate the audience and generate excitement for the brand.

Patrice has put VBrochure to work for her hotel and the results speak for themselves!

“We’ve seen a 9% increase in bookings and a 6% increase in revenue since The Hampton Inn & Suites Santa Ana/Orange County Airport implemented VBrochure™.  I believe that the impact comes from having a greater online presence” says Patrice. It’s increased our visibility and bookings for weekends – which are (traditionally) soft for us – (and) GDS bookings have increased weekday revenues, with higher-average rates.

“We’ve been very happy with the product and look forward to seeing even greater impact in the future!”

Patrice has a few words of advice for her peers “Visual merchandising is vital for every hotel online strategy”, and so she recommends that her peers take a look at VBrochure™. “Engage in the program, and make sure you keep hotel visuals up to date.”

To learn how VBrochure™ can maximize your property’s visibility across multiple channels with engaging multimedia and video presentations, book a Web demo with VFM Leonardo today and become a Merchandising Hero!

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