Happy Holidays from the Leonardo Team

As we flip through the closing pages on the last chapter of 2014, a fresh year patiently awaits us on the horizon. We love looking ahead to the vast potential and enigma that is a brand New Year.

In marketing, we see many similarities that parallel with our everyday existence. Reflection, measurement and planning are integral to sustaining both a solid marketing plan but also forward progression in life.

Understandably, life can get rather hectic and sometimes we’re moving at such a fast level to keep up that we often forget to take a step back and observe all the truly unbelievable things in our life.

We (and this is in the royal “we”) have a tendency to rely on a New Year as a bit of a crutch in the sense that it’s the proverbial clean slate to start over fresh. While it is nice to have a new calendar year to change in certain areas or venture down an unfamiliar path, we really don’t need the start of another twelve months to do so. The beauty of life is embedded in the appreciation of every single day we’re given and consciously living in the moment.

This holiday season, please take some time to show your gratitude for all that you have and for those who remain close to your heart.

Remember that it’s not about the final destination, but rather how well you enjoy the journey.

From our team at Leonardo to you and your family, we wish you a safe and Happy Holidays!

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