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Has social media changed service in the hotel industry?

Expert: Daniel Edward Craig, Founder, Reknown Travel Marketing

Great service is always as it has been, but what it has done is raised the stakes. So the costs of providing a negative experience are much higher, but so is the value of providing a positive experience. What has changed is we have more channels to manage, and more and more travelers expecting the same level of service they get on-property on social networks, so responsiveness, helpfulness, etc. And then on-property we have the threat if we don’t treat our guest well, they can always write a review and that can be quite harmful to us. So a big part of adapting to social media and service is training our staff on understanding where they stand and how to react to a situation like that, empowering them to resolve situations so an on-property issue doesn’t escalate to become an online complaint, and really monitoring the feedback and responding to it online.

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