Use Virtual Tours to Create Visually Compelling Hotel Experiences Online

Sharing your hotel’s story using visuals is the best way to make it memorable and compelling.  Seasoned hotel photographer, Douglas Aurand, explains how online property tours can amplify your story, and act as a sales tool to drive bookings.

Is your hotel’s website just a “billboard on the information superhighway” or a powerful marketing tool your sales staff can use every day to help amplify your story and drive bookings?

Hotel virtual tours, combined with a simple, but effective website design, gives your staff, particularly those responsible for selling and marketing your property, the opportunity to share your content with potential guests. Consider these scenarios:

Scenario 1: A bride-to-be is shopping for a reception venue and calls your hotel for information.  Instead of traveling to visit the property in person, or waiting to receive an information package in the mail, your sales staff encourages her to visit the hotel’s website, where she’s led through detailed virtual tours.  This type of presentation provides her with the confidence that the event facilities, guestrooms, restaurants and amenities, are accurate and the perfect atmosphere for her special day.  Naturally, she shares your hotel’s story with her fiancé, maid of honor (who’s also engaged) and family members.

hotel wedding reception

Scenario 2: A business executive inquires whether you have a small boardroom where she can hold a meeting with several colleagues.  Your reservationist explains that you have two meeting rooms available. Rather than attempt to describe the differences between the rooms, he’s able to direct the prospective client to the hotel website where he can guide her through your virtual tours, highlighting the features of the property meeting spaces.

hotel meeting room

Outpace your competition by offering potential guests well-produced online property tours to show them that your hotel has what they’re looking for.  That’s the magic in this type of storytelling.  By combining richer media with well thought out written descriptions you’ll help the shopper zero in on your property as their hotel of choice.  This approach applies to all types of shoppers – brides, business travelers, event planners, sports groups or transient guests.

Elegante hotel
Take a look at this best practice example, and notice that the virtual tour link is well positioned on the home page of the MCM Elegante Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Doug AurandDouglas Aurand is a virtual tour photographer who has created thousands of real estate virtual tours and is tapping his experience in hotel management to show hotels how to use images to better market their properties.  He’s created virtual tours for Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Radisson, Wyndham and independent hotels like MCM Hotel in Texas.  In addition to running his own multimedia business for 15 years, Doug also produces Virtual Golf Course Tours and Virtual Ski Area Tours that combine Virtual Imaging with Streaming Video. He demonstrates methods to his customers with his with website,, using it as an example. Doug can be contacted at (505) 857-2241 or

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