How Can Hoteliers Develop A Content Marketing Plan?

Share content that’s consistent, engaging and speaks to the interest of travel shoppers. Daniel E. Craig, founder of Reknown, explains the importance of SEO and producing content that’s both user and search friendly.

If you prefer to read the transcript instead, here’s what he said:

“When it comes to content marketing, hotels need to think about having two audiences online: travelers and algorithms. Algorithms decide what content appears in search results and in what order. Increasingly, what pleases travelers also pleases algorithms. More and more travelers are using search engines to ask questions that they used to call up a travel agent or a hotel directly for. Hotels are answering those questions by publishing helpful and relevant content on their website, blog and social channels. This helps hotels be found on search, help increase clicks, because good content will equal more traffic, and ultimately build trust and help convert travel shoppers into bookers.”

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