How Can Hotels Differentiate Themselves Online?

Laurence Bernstein, Managing Partner, Protean Hospitality Partners, a brand marketing consulting company for the hospitality industry, explains in this VTV E-Marketing Minute the number one thing hotels must do to differentiate themselves online from the competition.


If you’d like to read the transcript instead, here’s what he recommends:

“The number one thing any hotel can do to differentiate themselves from their competition is to understand the way in which they are experienced by their guests. Everyone experiences things differently, and different cohorts experience things maybe in a common way, but different from other cohorts. For instance, getting back to millennials, you may have one service or one amenity that they experience in one way and somebody else experiences in another way.

So you need to understand how your facility is being experienced, and by understanding that and communicating that relevantly to specific target groups, you are going to be able to differentiate yourself from other hotels. So to answer your question, I think the number one thing is to understand your experience and be able to communicate that relevantly to whichever group you’re looking at.”

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