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How can I identify my brand’s story?

Expert: Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local, www.likeable.com

Storytelling has always been an important aspect of the hotel marketing program, but the beautiful thing is unlike the days of old where storytelling meant a TV commercial or a glossy brochure, now you can tell your story using social media. You can tell your story with a photo or a short video that you film with an iPhone, or an infographic, or a blog post or even a tweet. How do you find your story? Talk to your customers, talk to your staff, find out what they’re interested in, find out about their experiences with your hotel. Find out about what obstacles they’ve overcome thanks to you, and then tell their story. The best thing about storytelling on the social web, unlike the old days where you might waste a lot of money on a TV commercial that doesn’t resonate, if your story doesn’t resonate with your customers, tell another story tomorrow! It’s that easy.

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