How Can Visual Storytelling Increase Bookings?

A great story can shape your hotel’s identity and give your online audience relevant content they can look forward to. In an age of information overload, the right visuals with the right text can attract travel shoppers to your property.

Daniel E. Craig, founder of Reknown, shares how hoteliers can harness the power of visual storytelling in this one-minute VTV episode.



If you prefer to read the transcript instead, here’s what he said:

“I think visual storytelling is getting more and more important, just look at the explosive popularity of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. I think what it does is combine two very compelling elements in marketing, visuals and storytelling, both of which when done well can attract attention, elicit emotion and tend to be remembered and shared. I think hotels need to strive for strength in three types of visuals. First of all professional imagery that’s shot by true professionals that forms a base of how your marketing your property, but also what I call “social imagery,” which is the stuff that you shoot yourself. You go out and shoot on property and around your area and it doesn’t have to be slick, it’s actually better if it’s not slick, but it should be authentic. Then the third part is user generated imagery, that’s what our guests are shooting and sharing. And we need to encourage them to do that and check out these sites and engage in these sites to make sure our brands out there.  All three of those types of imagery are going to help strengthen hotels’ visual storytelling in marketing.”

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