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How do I make my branded hotels stand out from the crowd?

Expert: Patrick McCarthy, Internet Marketing Manager, Blue Magnet Interactive Marketing & Media

“In my experience at Blue Magnet, the two most effective ways of making a branded hotel stand out from a crowd are through social media and standalone websites – also known as local websites. Social media really allows hotels to develop and convey their unique voice and personality. They also allow hotels to develop personal relationships with guests which is going to put them over the top compared to competitors. Standalone websites offer hotels unparalleled flexibility so they can really define who they are and expand their content as much as they want. Those changes can go live instantly so they pretty much have complete control. This allows them to engage with local businesses, local events and it really allows their unique voice to be heard. I find that standalone websites are especially effective for hotels that are in large, unique markets or that have a boutique or luxury feel.”

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