How does your hotel compare to the competition?

Learn how to make your branded hotel stand out!

Brand recognition is one of the largest advantages of being a branded hotel. Although you have this advantage, you still need to develop a differentiating factor that makes your individual hotel stand out from the rest.

Think about what makes your hotel unique and bring it to the forefront of your marketing and online merchandising. You need something that will leave guests saying “wow”It’s the special touches that make all the difference!

One way to go about it is by leveraging the culture, local attractions and events in your area to create a theme. For example, a hotel located in Nashville could use décor and events that represent a “love of music” theme like the Hampton Inn Nashville-Downtown does.

Here are a few other ways to differentiate your branded hotel:

  • Start hosting regular guest receptions with complementary drinks and snacks
  • Run contests and get your guests engaged
  • Focus on offering great service – smiles go a long way with guests!

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