How Do I Get My Hotel Video to Show Up on Google?

Colin Osing, Vice President of Marketing for SoMedia Networks, explains in this VTV eMarketing Minute some key SEO tips to get your hotel’s video to show up in search engine results.


If you’d like to read the transcript instead, here’s what he recommends:

“So, video SEO is very important these days. It’s still fairly new but you know now that video is so important – video appears in over 70% of search results! There are a few key tips that you can consider to get your video found out there.

Carefully choose your title, your description and your meta-data. So what you need to do is, you need to look at your video’s theme and make sure that the meta-data aligns with that theme and that it also aligns with what you think people are going to be looking for. That will ensure that it gets found much easier.

Video transcripts – if you have the ability to transcribe your video then that, and actually including the transcript on the same page where your video is embedded, will increase the chance of that video being found by Google. A couple people at Liveclicker studied 37 pages before and after adding transcripts, and the pages with the transcripts earned, on average, 16% more revenue than they did before. What’s the reason for that? Well, it’s likely from the increased traffic that comes from the long-tail keyword matching that happens there.”

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