See How the Georgian Terrace Stands Out in a Sea of Atlanta Hotels

Meet Craig Perch, the Director of Revenue at The Georgian Terrace Hotel. He uses VBrochure to ensure that his independent hotel stands out online against the many branded hotels he competes with. That’s what makes him a VFM Leonardo Merchandising Hero! 

The Property

The Georgian Terrace is a modern icon among Atlanta hotels. Located in the heart of Atlanta’s business and cultural district, this hotel is known for exceptional service and state-of-the-art business facilities. This year marks the hotel’s 100th anniversary and they are celebrating a century full of rich history and tradition.

 Our Merchandising Hero

Craig Perch, the Director of Revenue, has been in revenue management for over 7 years. He previously worked for IHG before moving on to Crescent Hotels and Resorts, which  operates The Georgian Terrace Hotel.

Craig strongly believes that hotels need to keep up with the changes that are happening in the marketing industry. He says, “Marketing has changed rapidly and it has everything to do with the Internet. A big online presence and a great website level the playing field for independent hotels and offer so many opportunities to create an inviting story for prospective guests. There are so many different avenues compared to 5 years ago.” Craig adds, “We are very engaged with social media–Facebook and Twitter—and we try to ensure that our content is relevant and up to date.”



The Strategy

As an independent hotel, Craig concerned himself with improving the online visibility of The Georgian Terrace Hotel to help compete with other branded hotels. He decided to introduce VBrochure to his marketing toolkit because he knew it would give him the flexibility to tell his hotel’s story online in an engaging and interactive way across channels, and devices.

Placing his customized VBrochure Multi-Media Player on his hotel’s website as well as distributing it across all of the channels in the VNetwork, were the first steps in building his hotel’s online presence. Next came mobile – because Craig didn’t want to miss out on the opportunities that the shift in travel shopper’s behavior to mobile devices afforded. With the mobile market growing rapidly, he knew he had to be able to reach travel shoppers on all the devices they are using to shop. Craig used VBrochure’s VPowered Mobile Websites—included with his VBrochure subscription—to create websites that are optimized for both tablet and smartphone devices.

Taking Mobile to New Heights

 “Today, having mobile optimized websites and booking engines are key,” says Craig, “The mobile industry is rapidly increasing, hence it only makes sense to have tablet and smartphone optimized websites. VBrochure is user-friendly and looks as good as any other mobile websites that you would pay $3000 and more for.”

Since implementing the VPowered Mobile Websites, which include image galleries and text display optimized for smartphone and tablet screens, and links to the hotel’s booking site on every page, the Georgian Terrace has observed an increase in bookings, especially from same day bookers. Craig finds that when travel shoppers are using their mobile devices to book travel on-the-go, they really appreciate the usability of the VPowered Mobile Website.

Craig even created customized special offers for travelers who book through his smartphone website. His “Mobile Only Special” gives shoppers 20% discount off their stay at the hotel.

To further customize his standard and mobile websites Craig has created tabs including a  “Meeting & Events” tab within his VBrochure player to appeal to corporate travelers or brides-to-be.

The VBrochure Difference

When asked if VBrochure has impacted his bookings thus far, Craig replied “Absolutely!” He has observed high traffic from VBrochure across the VNetwork and on his websites and an increase in people booking through mobile, redeeming the mobile-only discount.

Because he is able to control all of his hotel’s visual media and text content in one platform, Craig finds using VBrochure very manageable and convenient. It has allowed him to build a compelling online presence, on The Georgian Terrace Hotel’s website, and across the expansive VNetwork, helping the Georgian Terrace stand out in the sea of branded Hotels in Atlanta.

“Rich media speaks a thousand words,” is Craig’s advice to others. “ Definitely take time to invest in virtual tours and videos of your hotel and add them to your website to paint an inviting picture of for prospective guests. Make sure the content is consistent, and lastly, mobile is a must – definitely worth investing in!”

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