How the Somerset Inn Increased Website Views by 32%

The Somerset Inn stands out as a full-service, boutique-style hotel in the business district of Troy, Michigan. Guests enjoy access to over 20 on-site restaurants, an outdoor garden patio, a par 30 golf course and world-class shopping. But like many hotels, they didn’t know how to properly showcase these features for travelers using a mobile or tablet to visit their hotel website.

Somerset Inn

The Challenge

Telling an effective hotel story is especially important for independent properties, says Pamela Holland, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Somerset Inn for over 20 years. “It’s crucial to show the type of hotel we are to our customers through visuals,” Pam says.

But it’s vital, in today’s digital age, that this story is properly conveyed from whatever device the shopper uses – especially considering almost 40% of all web traffic has shifted to come from mobile devices.

Until January 2014, the Somerset Inn didn’t have an optimized website that effectively conveyed the hotel’s story to mobile travel shoppers.

Their challenge? To increase direct bookings made on their hotel website, to increase web traffic to their hotel, and to stop missing out on bookings from travel shoppers who visit their website on mobile devices but quickly leave because they can’t find the information they’re looking for.

The Solution: Leonardo’s Mobile-Optimized Website

Pam needed a mobile-optimized website that echoed her hotel’s story through visuals.

“At the time, I didn’t realize how many views, clicks and reservations we were missing as a result of potential guests not being able to look at our website from smartphones or tablets,” Pam said. “In today’s world, everyone has a mobile phone or they have a tablet and that’s what they’re using when they’re shopping for a hotel.”

She wanted to implement a solution where visuals allow travel shoppers using their mobile devices to take a tour through her property and envision staying the night in one of their boutique guest rooms, dining at the hotel, hosting their wedding, or shopping nearby.

Somerset Inn

“I think pictures totally tell the story. I think that everyone looks for a picture when they’re making a decision,” she said.

Using Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System, Pam was able to transform the Somerset Inn’s hotel story. Before, travel shoppers weren’t able to see the hotel’s visuals and photos properly, easily make bookings or call for more information when they were using their smartphone or tablet to access the hotel website. Now, travel shoppers can access a mobile-optimized website from their smartphone or tablet.

The Results of a Visual-First Mobile Experience

Since the Somerset Inn implemented Leonardo’s mobile solution, the hotel’s website views have increased by 32%. The property now effectively conveys its hotel story across different platforms through its mobile-optimized website.

Pamela Holland“I’m actually thrilled that we now have an optimized website that can be accessed through a smartphone or a tablet. I also like the feature that allows travel shoppers to book their stay through mobile devices.”

Pamela Holland
Director of Sales and Marketing
Somerset Inn

Leonardo’s mobile solution helps Pam target more travel shoppers and effectively showcases her unique hotel on smartphones and tablets. She further amplifies the Somerset Inn’s story through Leonardo’s Facebook Apps, web galleries and across the largest network of travel websites.

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