How To Get More Value From Social Media: Cheat Sheets For Facebook, Twitter And Instagram

To leverage social media, you need to understand it.

Travel shoppers are increasingly interactive, engaging with hotels on social media, asking questions and even using it as a customer service portal.

It’s time for hoteliers to up their social media game and if you’re looking to amplify your visual storytelling on social media or engage travelers on social media, you’ve come to the right place.

• What does it take to go viral on Twitter?
• How often should I post?
• What is the difference between impressions and reach?

Those are just a few of the common questions we hear about social media.

In our recent webinar, Getting More Value From Twitter, Vine and Facebook, we discussed the importance of telling your hotel story on social media and what travel shoppers expect from brands on these platforms.

“The goal is to convert social media fans into hotel guests,” said our guest speaker Rachel Feit, Digital Marketing Manager for Dream Hotels, during the webinar. “As a brand we will remain on the lookout for which emerging tools, trends and technologies are going to help us create the strongest reputation online.”

As Rachel shared, their social media strategy covers the three Rs: reputation, relationships and ROI.

Social media is more than just selfies. From research to reviews, guests are looking to figure out what you can really offer them and what experience they can expect – they want genuine conversations with the brands they interact with online.

You can improve your social media presence right now.

Give your hotel marketing a boost by learning how to leverage social media networks to stay one step ahead of travel shoppers’ needs with our Cheat Sheets for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Video.

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