If a Picture Says a Thousand Words, Then Video Speaks Volumes

AN EXPERIENCED hotel marketer, Renee Lubinski knows that multimedia, video, and online exposure, are keys to successful digital marketing. Renee is using these avenues to successfully transform the marketing initiatives of independent hotels in the Baltimore area, and that makes her a VFM Leonardo MERCHANDISING HERO!

Our Merchandising Hero

Occupying roles as Sales and Marketing Coordinator, E-Marketing Manager and Marketing Manager at several Baltimore area hotels, Renee Lubinski brings more than 7 years of travel sales and marketing experience to her role as Merchandising Hero.

Well-versed in hotel and travel marketing, it didn’t take Renee long to see the value that VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure™ solution could bring to independent hotel properties. Renee achieved Merchandising Hero status by using rich media and video to give visitors a true sense of what their experience at these properties will be!

The Strategy

Independent hotels face an uphill battle in gaining the exposure that drives bookings. Leveraging as many  kinds of media and marketing outlets as possible, including print, television, web/social media, and OTAs is critical.“All of these are key especially for independent hotels, so I work with each to maximize visibility and awareness,” Renee says.

Renee maintains that video pays a critical role for hotels in conveying the experience that travel shoppers can expect when staying at a particular hotel. Telling a compelling story through video, one that highlights all of the unique and interesting features of the property can sway travel shoppers to choose one hotel over another.

“I feel like once (visitors) click on a well-produced video, that’s it. With photos, there’s a lot of clicking, a lot of scrolling through; whereas with video, all (they) have to do is press play. It’s only one minute and you just capture them, like that, and can really effectively tell your hotel’s story.”

For Renee, the VBrochure™ Online Merchandising System is an ideal choice for hotels to manage and distribute their video, photos and virtual tours.

In addition to the importance of multimedia and video, Renee recognizes the value in providing text descriptions for all types of media. She uses the VBrochure™ Multimedia Player features to add engaging text descriptions for each item, augmenting the impact that visuals have in helping travel shoppers imagine the hotel experience.

Yet another of Renee’s strategies for increasing exposure of independent hotels is to take advantage of the power of social media and the reach of Facebook. Using customized Facebook apps available in VBrochure, Renee was able to capture more leads from social media. The booking plug-in which comes standard with the VBrochure Facebook App, ensures a prominently displayed and readily available booking link for those interested in booking the hotel.

The VBrochure™ Difference

Renee says VBrochure™’s cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and distribution network are the main reasons she chooses it as a solution for marketing and merchandising independent hotels.

“The distribution saves a ton of time,” she says. “It’s a one stop shop. When we update content in VScape, all sites that house our player are updated instantly, and those changes are instantly updated on our Facebook Page too, all from one central location, ensuring that a consistent story is available wherever travel shoppers are searching.”

VBrochure™ gives a definite boost to “positive online exposure” for independent hotels, Renee says. “To compete with the branded hotels we have to provide our clients with the most in-depth view of what we have to offer. VBrochure is an important part of that process, helping to maximize the consumers we can reach with a wide distribution network for video and visual media and the ability to leverage everything Facebook has to offer,” she says.

To her marketing peers, whether independent or branded, Renee says the best advice she has to offer is to keep up-to-date with different types of social media, and to keep photos, videos and listings current and fresh. “Add your hotel visuals to anything you can, because anything visual is so important,” Renee says.

To learn how VBrochure™ can transform your property’s digital marketing efforts from text-based feature lists to engaging multimedia and video presentations – and start you down the path to becoming a Merchandising Hero – book a Web demo with VFM Leonardo today!


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