If Online Merchandising were an Olympic Category High Peaks Resort would win Gold!

WHEN Lori Fitzgerald augmented the High Peaks Resort’s online marketing initiatives with VBrochure™, she became more than just the property’s Director of Marketing and Brand Management – she became a VFM Leonardo MERCHANDISING HERO! In our minds she also became an online merchandising Olympian!

The Property

High Peaks Resort, a modern Adirondack retreat in the heart of the historic town of Lake Placid, NY, host city of the 1980 Winter Olympics has been newly renovated to reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding lakes and mountains.

Overlooking the shores of Mirror Lake and anchoring the Main Street hub of shopping, dining and entertainment, High Peaks Resort offers magnificent views of the Adirondack Mountains and direct access to over six million acres of natural beauty and recreation. High Peaks Resort is the ideal gateway to all that the Adirondacks and Lake Placid have to offer.

Our Merchandising Hero

An experienced marketing professional with expertise across multiple industries, Lori Fitzgerald joined High Peaks Resort two years ago as their Director of Marketing and Brand Management.

Prior to joining High Peaks, Lori was the Marketing Director at the Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group; she also spent time as Brand Manager for Amsterdam Printing and Director of Marketing & Sales Development for Churchill Corporate Services.

With her background in marketing and brand management, Lori clearly saw the advantages a solution like VBrochure™ could bring to her property’s online marketing initiatives – advantages such as maximizing visibility across multiple channels and telling visually rich stories – and that makes her a Merchandising Hero!

The Strategy

Even before implementing VBrochure™, the High Peaks Resort had made online initiatives the focus of their marketing strategy. In addition to the property’s Website, their efforts included online advertising and a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Yelp, as well as some advertising initiatives with OTAs.

Lori knew that to truly make the High Peaks Resort stand out, they needed to engage Web visitors with highly engaging visual content – content that truly told the story of the resort, and showcased the beauty of the Lake Placid area.

VBrochure™ was their solution of choice. “VBrochure™ helps us to tell our story in a more visual manner that allows longer engagement by the guest than traditional advertising,” Lori says. “We can craft our story as we want to tell it, and then edit and change it as the seasons change and our business grows and evolves.”

The VBrochure™ Difference

With VBrochure, High Peaks has been able to make an Olympic jump ahead of the competition. After only a short time, Lori sees VBrochure as a difference maker, especially when she compares High Peaks’ efforts to its competition. “For us, being able to tell our story through highly engaging visual content is valuable,” she says. “It helps us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and create an emotional connection with our guests.”

In addition to creating a multimedia experience, Lori also cites VBrochure™’s expansive distribution network, which showcases High Peaks to as wide an audience as possible.

Lori believes VBrochure™ “will make a difference for us in the long term, and she has plans to do even more with it in the near term. Her plans for High Peaks include more video and multimedia offerings that create strong connections with Web visitors.

“Bringing the High Peaks Resort experience to our guests is a key part of our branding initiatives,” she says, “and video is the ideal medium to do this.”

For her peers, Lori reminds them that telling a story is a key component of digital hotel marketing. “Determining what makes our market and our hotel unique is what will allow us to differentiate ourselves and drive revenue,” she says. “Then, crafting a story that highlights these unique characteristics will draw guests in.”

Congratulations Lori and High Peaks Resort for being our online VBrochure Olympic Champs!

Become a Merchandising Hero by taking advantage of VBrochure™’s extensive distribution network and multimedia features to make your hotel stand out from the crowd! Contact VFM Leonardo to book a Web demo today.

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