Is Your Hotel Marketing Keeping up with Consumers Online?

With consumers becoming increasingly internet savvy, opportunities for hoteliers to market their hotels online are increasing significantly. If you aren’t keeping up with current technology your hotel is missing out on opportunities for growth.
We all know that technology can be daunting, but with the immense amount of resources available it’s not as intimidating as you may think…

Start by asking yourself a few basic questions to see if you (and your hotel) are up to date with how consumers are using technology to shop for hotels:

1) Does my hotel have a Facebook page?
It should. With over 900 million users on Facebook, it is the ideal channel to reach and engage consumers online. This Whitepaper “5 Things Every Hotel Marketer Needs to Know About Facebook” will lead you in the right direction, whether you’re setting up a Facebook page for the first time or you’re looking to enhance one you already have.

2) Is my hotel’s website easily accessible from mobile devices?
2/3 of shoppers say they will explore, shop and book travel activities via their mobile device[i].You need to ensure your hotel isn’t missing out on this market by having a mobile optimized website. Watch this video to learn the basics.

3)  Am I providing consumers with visually rich multimedia that tells my hotel’s story ?
 38% of online bookers – 47.5 million people – avoid staying at hotels they can afford when they don’t find photos, videos, or written content that make them feel comfortable about their potential experience[ii]. You should tell your hotel’s story using high resolution photos and videos, virtual tours and descriptive text to engage the consumer and inform them about your hotel during every step of the travel planning process. Click here to learn about displaying these types of multi-media on your website and thousands of other distribution channels

Now that you have the basics of merchandising your hotel online, how do you feel about it?

Keep in mind, the goal of these online opportunities is not just to increase traffic to your websites. It is to—more importantly—improve conversion rates. By Making sure all the information that a shopper needs (textual, visual and richer visual content that tells a story) is available online (on all the channels, platforms and devices that consumers use) you provide them with the confidence to book with your hotel.

“The biggest challenges hoteliers face in marketing themselves online is the number of distribution channels they need to manage and optimize their business for,” says Giles Longhurst, Frommer’s Unlimited Director EMEA. (read more in this article)

Don’t feel as if you need to become a technology master over night to stay up-to-date with consumers online. VFM Leonardo is a leader in online visual content management and distribution systems. Our VNetwork—the largest online visual distribution network in the global travel industry—will showcase your hotel in front of millions of travel shoppers online, across thousands of channels in an informative and engaging way.

Contacting us for more information is the first step to ensuring you are keeping up with the technology savvy travel shoppers online.


[ii] Harteveldt, Henry and Elizabeth Stark, Forrester Research, Poor Content Could Cost Travel eBusiness Money, Sept. 8, 2009.

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