Last Stop for “Last Click Attribution”

Attribution modeling is critical for any marketer. While “last click” is typically the most common standard for how hotel marketers look at the effectiveness of their marketing programs, it is an inadequate measure of today’s marketing tool’s success.

The thing is, so many marketers don’t understand it, and “Not understating attribution remains the biggest challenge in adopting the practice,” according to Bill Kee, product manager at Google.

So what is attribution? Sean X Cummings explains in his article 11 agency buzzwords you need to know “There are hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions that go into every purchase we make as consumers, and we think that we can actually quantify and track that precisely.”

Hotel shoppers touch a multitude of marketing messages prior to purchase. This is why relying upon “last click” attribution means that some tactics get too much credit and others not enough. Attributing credit to touch points before the “last click” is a practice hotel marketers need to understand and apply.

Marketers who are doing it are reporting great results. 52% of client-side marketers report that attribution has led to an increase in spending on some digital channels, and 72% of marketers report that multi-touch point attribution leads to better return on investment. Meanwhile, those who rely on “last click” continue to allocate most of their marketing budgets only to channels closest to conversion.,

Attribution should be a top priority for hotel marketers. The lack of priority is the number one barrier to attribution in the marketing world. Even though attribution technology is not completely mature yet, marketers should begin to research and understand the way it works and how it can affect your marketing strategy overall. Check out Beyond the Last Click. Booking Attribution Becomes Top Priority for more information about Attribution.

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