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Snackable content – it’s the newest buzzword that marketers from all industries are using.  But what exactly is “snackable content” and how can hotel marketers use it to improve their digital marketing efforts?

Our world of constantly being connected and being able to Google the answer to basically everything means consumers no longer have the time (or patience) to look into long articles or flip through pages of an online brochure to find what they are looking for.  Marketers need to be aware of this consumer shift and cater towards it, thus snackable content comes into play.  Glenn Engler, the CEO of Digital Influence Group defines snackable content as “bite-sized chunks of info that can be quickly ‘consumed’ by its audience” in this article: Are You Hungry for “Snackable Content?”

Hotels can create snackable content by converting the content they already have into small, easy to digest snippets of information.  The best way to do this is to use visuals and short descriptions (1-2 sentences) to convey your message to travel shoppers. “A picture is worth a thousand words” and can make it much easier for the viewer to quickly understand what your hotel is about.
Once you harness your content and turn it into snackable chunks, the question then becomes: “Where do I display or share this content?”  Well that answer is simple, everywhere!

Snackable content is particularly well-suited for social media.  The social media take over has created fast-moving, quick-clicking consumers.  Therefore, in order to grab their attention and drive engagement, hotels need to make their content as easily digestible as possible – Facebook posts, tweets, pins and Instagram pics all fit the bill.

Consumers are researching and booking hotels on smartphones and tablets.  Make sure the content on your mobile optimized sites is snackable and easy to consume on these devices.  This means making your site mostly visual with short snippets of text.

Here are some snackable examples:

Snackable Facebook Post by King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort


Snackable Tweet by Morgans Hotel Group



Snackable Pin by Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa



Snackable Content on Jupiter Hotel’s Mobile Website

The average attention span of an adult online is only 8 seconds ( . Make every second count by making your content quick, snackable, shareable and mobile.

To learn more about sharing on social media, check out The Hoteliers Ultimate Guide to Visual Storytelling on Social Media.

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