Merchandising Hero – Ariadna Vucinovic, General Manager, at Ramada Plaza Hotel Nags Head

Ariadna Vucinovic, General Manager, at Ramada Plaza Hotel Nags Head, took charge of enhancing her hotel’s online presence. Six months later, her hotel has a sunny online presence, she’s seeing an increase in bookings, and we’ve made her a VFM Leonardo Merchandising Hero!

The Property
For guests that spend time at Ramada Plaza Nags Head Beach hotel, the phrase, “life’s a beach” takes on a much more personal meaning.  Located right on the scenic Outer Banks of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, this relaxing getaway is synonymous with laidback, family oriented ease.

This oceanfront property boasts 171 tastefully decorated guest rooms with views of the city, the dunes, or the ocean, a stellar staff, and live weekend entertainment in their full-service restaurant.

Our Merchandising Hero

Ariadna Vucinovic has been at the property for ten years.  She has held a variety of positions at the hotel, and has moved her way up to becoming the General Manager where she takes care of everything from supervising day to day management, to spearheading marketing and sales.

With years of experience in the hospitality industry under her belt, Ariadna has a solid understanding of what it takes to effectively manage and market a hotel in today’s online world.

The Strategy

“Presentation is everything” says Vucinovic. And she felt that her hotel’s website left something to be desired, which motivated her to focus on enhancing the hotel’s visual presentation online. Her approach to accomplishing this included an independent website redesign, an active role in social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and the VBrochure Online Merchandising System.

“What you did five years ago might not work anymore. Print advertising used to be the main way we would reach out to the community. Now we’re switching most of our marketing budget to online.”

Vucinovic’s interest in VBrochure specifically, stemmed from its ability to help manage and syndicate her hotels online story. Vucinovic’s goal with VBrochure was to make it easy for guests to choose her hotel over competitors, and to make her property stand out with a compelling visually driven story on the websites consumers use to shop for travel online.

“Presentation is everything and differentiating ourselves from competitors online is important. For someone who hasn’t been here before, VBrochure gives us the opportunity to let them know what we are all about”, says Vucinovic. “It really puts us at an advantage over other hotels.”

The VBrochure Difference

The ease with which VBrochure can be used, to help convey our hotel story, and immediately get that story in front of millions of travel shoppers, is one of its winning features for Vucinovic.  Within minutes of making updates in VScape, they are available everywhere her VBrochure Player is posted. She uses VBrochure to reach consumers with her hotel’s story on third party sites from traditional OTAs to destination and review sites, and on her hotel’s Facebook page.

“Updates can be online in minutes, and where there are changes to be made, I can control it.  The product is really easy to use. I’m in VBrochure on a regular basis, making sure our content and messaging is current, and it’s working out great”.

She stays on top of updates regularly, ensuring VBrochure portrays an accurate picture of the hotel. And she uses it to inform travel shoppers not only about all the great features of the property, but also about the many attractions visitors can enjoy in the Outer Banks.

Portraying an accurate picture of who and what they’re about using VBrochure has had a tangible impact on Ramada Nags Head’s bookings within six months.

The hotel has received over a thousand media views every month, since their VBrochure implementation. And Vucinovic says, “There’s no question that our bookings have increased since we’ve been using it – we’re definitely getting an edge over the competition in bookings!”

Building on the importance of accurate portrayal, Vucinovic offers some words of wisdom for other hoteliers.

“It’s important to portray an accurate image of your property online. Keep your online content updated, take advantage of rich visuals, and bring them all into your VBrochure Player, to create a complete story about your property for online travel shoppers.  There are so many things you can do with VBrochure to put your property ahead of the competition – take advantage of it!”


To learn how VBrochure™ can help you get your hotel story in front of online travel shoppers and increase bookings – and start you down the path to becoming a Merchandising Hero – book a Web demo with VFM Leonardo today!


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