New Tablet Optimized Website Solution for Hotels

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new VPowered Tablet Website!  Read on for more details about it.VPowered Tablet Website for Hotels

Technology moves fast in the 21st century. Without a doubt, tablets have become enormously popular over the past three years and are predicted to outnumber PCs by 2015.  With people connecting on the go, anywhere, anytime, through multiple mobile devices it is clear we are heading into a “post-PC” world.

69% of iPad users surveyed have used their tablet for researching and planning travel, and of those who used their tablet for shopping, 47% used the device to book a hotel*.

For consumers, browsing on a tablet isn’t the same as browsing on a computer or a smartphone – screen sizes and platforms differ and navigation methods vary. Many websites are compatible with tablets meaning they “fit” on the screen, but this doesn’t mean they are optimized for tablets.

This is what drove the development of the VPowered Tablet Website.

Key Features of the VPowered Tablet Website:

Fantastic design and user experience.
The easy to navigate layout allows users to move from page to page easily using their fingertips to swipe and tap.
Tablet design and navigation

Multi-media driven.
– Supports images and rich media
– Easy navigation and “thumb friendly” image thumbnails
– Large media fills the screen
– Landscape and portrait viewing
– Quick loading
– Zooms and pans
Multi-media driven

Booking Enabled.
All pages have a prominently displayed Book Now linking directly to the hotel’s booking engine.
Tablet booking enabled

Special Offers.
Hotels can add and customize Special Offers that are specific to mobile users.
Tablet special offers

Integrated Hotel Information.
Mobile users can easily find an integrated map of where the hotel is located, phone numbers, click to email and website links.
Tablet hotel info

This version is optimized for the most popular tablet devices.

The VPowered Tablet Hotel Website was designed with our customers in mind, giving consumers a fully optimized experience when researching, planning and booking travel. Experience the VPowered Tablet Hotel Website by visiting from a tablet.

As our CEO, Paolo Boni, so eloquently put it, “The line between mobile and desktop is blurring and tablet usage is increasing exponentially. Hotels that keep up with these advancements and invest in optimizing their websites for tablet will lead the pack. The VPowered Tablet Website helps hotels succeed in the “post-PC” world by making it easier for them to meet travelers’ demands.”

If you are looking to add the new VPowered Tablet Hotel Website you can learn more here or contact VFM Leonardo. VBrochure Ultra Premium customers can contact their Customer Success Representative directly.

– Zabrina

Zabrina Hossain
Product Manager, Emerging Technologies
VFM Leonardo Inc.

*Greystripe: Smartphone and Tablet Travel Insights, September 2011.


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