nuTravel: Getting Down to Business with Corporate Travel

nuTravel delivers the corporate travel industries fastest, most comprehensive and flexible online corporate self-booking tools and associated technologies. Specializing in creating multiple opportunities for travel agencies and corporations, their tools streamline corporate travel programs to create a quick, easy and affordable experience.

Corporate travel is likely to fuel the travel, hospitality and leisure industry in 2012, says this Deloitte survey. Specifically, 85 percent of business travelers expect to take more or the same number of trips next year. With all businesses looking for cost savings, nuTravel is an unrivaled resource for corporate travel.

Why should you have your hotel displayed on nuTravel?

nuTravel has over 2600 active customers, ranging in size from small businesses to global companies with multi-million dollar travel budgets such as Cargill, Staples and TELUS. Each month they receive over 150,000 hotel shopping requests and average 35,000 bookings.

nuTravel is a long established partner of VFM Leonardo, and one of the many syndication channels within our VNetwork. They source images from our database of over 1 million images for 100,000 hotels worldwide and display the VPowered Multi-Media Player for VBrochure customers – making their website a richer and more visually engaging platform for business travelers AND travel managers to research hotels worldwide.

How are visuals presented on nuTravel?

Let’s say that Tom, the CMO of a mid-sized marketing firm is planning to meet clients in Denver for a business meeting. His company is a nuTravel client, so Tom logs in to the nuTravel website and starts his search. He clicks ‘Find a Hotel’ in the top menu bar, and chooses to ‘Search by Airport’ because he is flying into Denver International Airport and is unfamiliar with the area.

By clicking search, Tom is provided with a long list of hotels in the Denver area. Unsure of where to start, he begins scanning through photos to find a hotel that will accommodate him and his business meeting. Tom feels inundated with listings that don’t provide him with a detailed story of the hotel. He wants to be given a great sense of each property and how each will help fulfill his business needs. He finds the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood and is pleased to find that they have a “Video/Tour” button because it will give him more content about the hotel, helping him better understand it. By clicking the button the VPowered Multi-Media Player is launched (because the hotel is a VBrochure customer) and Tom is immediately immersed in the rich visuals of the hotel.

This particular hotel – Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood – has customized their multi-media player to highlight their business amenities with the intentions of appealing to the corporate travelers on nuTravel (and other corporate booking sites in the VNetwork).

As Tom clicks through ‘Guestrooms’ tab, he is impressed by the spacious suites that include workstations. The ‘For your Business Needs’ tab provides him with a pictures of large boardrooms that would accommodate his meetings, and the descriptive text informs him they have free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. What really sells Tom on this hotel is the high definition video of the hotel and surrounding area. VBrochure gives Tom an in depth look into the hotel’s story and shows him what an “experience” at the hotel would really be like if he booked his business trip there.

This compelling and informative experience provided Tom with a richer story than the other hotel listings he viewed. It helped him better understand why he would want to book and stay at this hotel and how it can meet his business needs. Sources prove that visual content (like what you saw for the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood) engages shoppers and influences buying behavior—especially when it is targeted to their specific needs and expectations.

By working together with VFM Leonardo, nuTravel and VBrochure subscribers give travel shoppers a great visually driven experience that tells travel shoppers your hotel’s unique story, highlights all the features that make a guest’s stay successful, and allows them to ‘experience’ it as if they’re already there – giving them more confidence to book!

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