How One Hotel Marketer Tells Distinct Visual Stories for Many Properties

Kristi Hawkins manages over a dozen properties at Naman Hotels that include IHG, Hilton and other brands. As an Assistant E-Commerce Manager, she ensures her properties’ stories are told in an engaging, creative and exciting way to travel shoppers.



But it wasn’t always easy for her to manage the unique stories of different hotels under a variety of brands.

The Challenge

Kristi wanted to express the unique stories of her properties to travel shoppers through a variety of travel websites. “As much as we like it or not, we are in the digital age,” she says. “The multimedia platforms are the main means through which we can tell potential guests who we are, what we have to offer and why we want them to stay with us.”

Kristi wanted to use multi-media combined with text to tell the story of her hotels. She knows that a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a little bit of well-written text really helps clarify her message.

Kristi Hawkins


She also found that uploading and updating media for different brands was a tedious and monotonous process. “When you get to that point, there’s a tendency to miss things,” Kristi said. “And when your digital billboard is your major means of expressing why you are the best of the best in the area, you can’t afford to have slip ups or things that aren’t quite what you want to be seen.”

Her challenge was to find a product that would help differentiate her hotels’ unique stories on a variety of travel websites. She also wanted a product that would simplify the process of uploading and updating content so she could spend her marketing time more efficiently.

The Solution: Leonardo’s VNetwork and Visual Storytelling Platform

Kristi needed to find a solution that would allow her to manage the visual storytelling assets for multiple properties in an engaging way on travel websites. Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System caught her eye because she could tell the stories of her unique hotels through compelling media and enticing descriptions. She knew the content would be updated on third-party travel websites, social media, mobile devices and more.

“VBrochure allows travel shoppers to experience how wonderful our hotels are and it shows them that we’re close to everything they want to see in town,” she said.

Leonardo’s VBrochure also helps Kristi manage content for multiple properties and multiple brands from one place.“I can go into a single portal, see which photos are no longer valid and immediately take them out of distribution,” she said. “I can make changes in one place and have the updates reflected across all platforms.”

VBrochure allows her to seamlessly go from one property to another as she manages and updates the visual story of multiple hotels. “When you’re dealing with as many properties and as many various brands as I am, it helps to have a one-stop shop,” Kristi said. “VBrochure helps me save time and keeps our multi-media players looking great.”



The Results

Since Kristi began using Leonardo’s Online Merchandising System, travel shoppers have been able to experience the stories of her hotels through unique visuals and appealing text descriptions.

“I love that through VBrochure I’m able to grab their attention with great media and also give them more in-depth information through text descriptions where we can list our amenities,” she said.

Kristi is also able to customize her multimedia players to better target her primary customer segments. “VBrochure allows us to showcase our hotel and add more media that ties the property into the area that surrounds it,” she said. “It shows travel shoppers that the hotel is not just a place to lay your head – it’s also a place where you can experience the city or town.”

She finds that managing her properties has also become easier and more convenient. “I can do so much through VBrochure: I can work on my Facebook apps, update my media and update my multimedia player,” Kristi said. “VBrochure has also given me new insight on where some of our traffic is coming from.”

She sees additional benefits from other VBrochure features including Facebook apps, web galleries and mobile-optimized websites. “I love Leonardo’s Facebook apps. They’re easy to install and they don’t require any real effort or work from me,” Kristi said. “I certainly see an increase in the amount of traffic I’m seeing on Facebook through the apps that we have with Leonardo.”



Kristi further amplifies the hotel stories of the properties she manages through Leonardo’s VNetwork, the largest network of travel websites.

She wants to install Leonardo’s web galleries on the hotel websites instead of manually creating galleries for each property. She’s also eager to implement Leonardo’s mobile-optimized websites for the properties she manages. “VBrochure allows us to create a simple, clean and elegant mobile version of our website without us spending a lot of time on it,” she said.

Kristi finds that managing her hotel stories through a single portal in VBrochure helps her achieve more across the board. “I would recommend VBrochure to other management companies because it’s great to have a single portal where you can manage multiple aspects of your marketing strategy,” she said. “It helps us make our hotel stories short, simple, sweet and to the point for online travel shoppers.”



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