One Simple Way to Make Your Social Media Better

Companies are always looking for ways to be “better” at social media. This is why I was very intrigued when I came across this Econsultancy article, Instead of being liked, try being more interesting. It sheds light on a new approach to tackling social media, and although it is targeted at financial services companies, I think it also applies to hotels.

Be interesting (as the name of the article suggests). Think of your social media as an “interest graph,” starting with your hotel’s interests and services, then building connections with people based on these shared interests. By sharing a single-minded passion for a subject or topic you create a more powerful and connected community.

The question on your mind is likely, how can I make my hotel’s social media more interesting? It’s simple. “The first and most important place to start is by listening to customers and discovering the wide sphere of topics that interest them. Then, see if you can relate these interests to your own services,” the article states.

Let your core services and offerings intersect with your potential customers’ interests. This is a great idea, especially for hotels. Social media gives hotels endless opportunities to tell stories– especially with visuals. Reach your potential customers with interesting pictures and videos that showcase what your hotel has to offer them.

How do you do it? Ask yourself what makes your hotel unique or different than the competition. What is it that your guests tell you they like about your hotel? Weave these ideas into your hotel’s story to make it more interesting and attractive to potential customers with similar interests. Consider these examples.

Is your hotel located near a local attraction, like a museum or amusement park? Use visuals to showcase this and appeal to consumers that enjoy traveling to these types of attractions. Best Western PLUS Rockville has created special deals on their Facebook page for travelers that want to visit the museum located near their hotel.

What city is your hotel located in? Is your hotel situated in a location that has historical or cultural significance? Do you have local knowledge of your community and a passion to share it with your guests?  Let the theme of your hotel and your marketing reflect this. It will attract travelers that are looking for that certain experience. Take the Hampton Inn Nashville-Downtown for example. They have given their hotel a “honky-tonk” theme because of their city’s love for country music.

Does your hotel cater to people on vacation? Certain guest looks for very specific types of vacations: spa vacations, outdoor adventures or scenic getaways. Use your visuals to showcase the type of vacation your hotel offers and you will find more people with these interests coming to book. GreenLagoon Falls Park & Lodge does a great job of customizing their social media to appeal to ecotravelers.

So when executing your social media plan, instead of thinking “what would my fans like?” think “what would my fans find interesting?”

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