Put Your Website into Full Gear

When travel shoppers visit your hotel website, they expect to find the information they’re looking for and fast, from what you can offer to where you’re located and what special offers you may be advertising.

Considering the constant evolution of web design, keeping your website fresh and up-to-date can be a challenge for most marketers.

Read to bring your hotel website into full-gear? In our webinar with Tim Peter, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Expert and President, Tim Peter & Associates and Emma Richard, E-Commerce, Ocean Partners Hospitality, we discussed:

  • How to create great visual content that speaks to travel shoppers
  • Using social media effectively and expanding your reach
  • How to produce engaging content
  • The growth of mobile booking versus desktop booking

Watch the highlights from our web event in this five-minute video here.

Want to see more from this webinar? Here’s the full webinar recording and slides from the presentation.

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