Q+A with TripAdvisor: How to Use Reviews to Drive Bookings

Did you know that 80% of travelers say TripAdvisor reviews make them feel more confident in their travel decision – and 53% of respondents of a recent PhoCusWright study said they wouldn’t book a hotel without reading reviews?

That begs the question: are you making the most of online reviews and using them to secure more bookings?

We sat down for an exclusive chat with TripAdvisor’s Head of Industry Relations, Brian Payea, for his tips on using reviews effectively in your marketing strategy.

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Question: What insights should hoteliers be looking for in guest reviews? 

TripAdvisor’s Brian Payea: Guest reviews are an incredibly timely and rich source of guest feedback. You may wish that all guests would share their feedback while they’re on the property but we know they won’t all do that.

Reviews are your next best way to know how you’re doing in terms of service, product quality and any facility issues that are important to guests.

Reviews can also provide a roadmap for investment and future improvements – not just your reviews but also the reviews of the properties in your comp set.

Question: Can guest reviews drive bookings? How? 

TripAdvisor’s Brian Payea: Research has proven overwhelmingly that there are direct correlations between guest satisfaction scores in reviews, and likelihood to book, and very importantly, the willingness to pay higher ADR for comparable product.

We’ll review recent research on this topic in our upcoming webinar.

Question: What are hoteliers not doing with guest reviews that they should be doing? 

TripAdvisor’s Brian Payea: Many hoteliers have really tapped into the power of reviews and are doing a great job – you see it in their scores, their rankings and their performance data. With many hoteliers there’s an opportunity to move from being in the game to winning the game.

We see a lot of properties getting involved in management responses, for example, but not doing them in a thoughtful way that can make a difference. It’s one of the things that can make the biggest difference quickly.

Thanks for sharing your tips, Brian. Brian was kind enough to dive deeper into the importance of reviews and gives practical tips to use reviews to craft your story and drive bookings during our webinar in May. You can watch the full recording or the highlights video of the webinar and catch up on what you missed.

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