Sandos Caracol Beach Resort is First Class, Fired Up and Thriving off Online Results!

This is Alejandro Acosta. He is the E-marketing Director for Sandos Caracol Beach Resort & Spa.

The Property

The Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa is all about eco innovation.  Offering all inclusive resort experiences, Sandos’ variety of resort options mirrors their expansive customer base.  A recipient of a host of hospitality awards including Rainforest Alliance verification among others, Sandos is widely recognized as an ecologically responsible hotel, with progressive eco and environmental standards.











Our Merchandising Hero

Alejandro Acosta is the E-marketing Director for Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa.  His experience comes from an eleven-year background in e-business.  Acosta has applied his efforts and improvements in the e-business world for hotel, leisure and activities requirements.

Acosta’s plan for creating a winning marketing plan falls under a simple premise: communicating the right message to the customer, and the importance of keeping it simple.

The Strategy

“At the present and with the list of resources and communication tools increasing daily, a very important point is to be simple but effective when communicating. The fewer steps a customer has to take within our advertising strategies, the more effective our results will be”.

VBochure came to Acosta’s attention as he searched for a feature that could help highlight their hotel within the sea of tourism options among OTA channels.  Although the Sandos team works with a variety of advertising tools, they focus most of their efforts on Internet marketing.

 “In regards to Internet media, everything is changing almost everyday and we need to constantly be changing along with the trends in order to stay current”.

The VBrochure Difference

Acosta expected that the VBrochure application would extend his reach to more customers and increase branding power as well as, of course, improve conversions.  The overwhelming results have been encouraging for Acosta, to say the least.  In the time Sandos has implemented VBrochure, their bookings have increased 30-40% – a statistic Acosta says can be directly linked back to VBrochure.

“The increase in views of our content on certain channels coincided with the increase in sales we have had on those channels. Travelocity brought us the best result using VBrochure, with results up 100% comparing with the prior year through that same channel.”

He attributes their significant and rapid success to the clarity of their message, described through a careful balance of comprehensive text and images that showcase the attributes of their properties, generating a “call to action” from potential customers.

This idea of classic simplicity is one Acosta hopes to convey as a winning strategy to his peers:

“A simple message will allow more connection with your guests and grow a loyal following”.

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