Say Hello to Leonardo: VFM Leonardo Rebrands

VFM Leonardo has a new name. It’s officially Leonardo Worldwide Corporation but we’re going by Leonardo.

When we unveiled the new name and brand internally at our holiday party in December, the room was buzzing with energy and excitement. Since then, I’ve received feedback from across the organization that shows we’re entering the New Year with ambition, momentum and drive. This year and the years to follow are going to be really exciting!

Click here for the official press release announcing the rebrand.

How we got to Leonardo

Those who have been in the industry for a while will know that this isn’t the first time we’ve changed our name. The company has grown dramatically since its inception in the early 2000’s as a visual content production company called Visual Frenzy Media (VFM), to VFM Interactive with a focus on rich media distribution, to VFM Leonardo when we acquired Europe-based Leonardo Media to provide a more complete and effective media distribution solution on a more global scale.

Today, as Leonardo we have the largest hotel image database, online media network and advanced multimedia display technology for the global travel industry and are trusted by 150+ hotel chains, 100,000+ hotel properties, and 120+ travel websites worldwide.

Leonardo is more than a new name. It represents a renaissance for us. Our technology has advanced from a couple of servers streaming a few hundred videos to a global media publishing system managing and displaying millions of media items to billions of people and will continue to advance.

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Where Leonardo is going

The launch of our new name and brand is an important step but it is just the beginning for us. Innovation, expansion, success and continued advancement are in our future. We will continue to provide marketers at hotels, hotel chains, and travel websites with the technology and network to simplify the way they source, curate, publish, amplify and track visual stories on the devices, platforms, and channels consumers use to shop for travel online.

We have invested heavily in product innovation and technology development, bringing on strong, talented leaders and building teams with passionate and ambitious players to build a new generation of cutting-edge products to launch this year.

What’s changing?

Logo and visual identity. It’s simple yet bold, designed to make an impact just like our products.

Website and blog. They’re visually-driven and easy to navigate, aligning with today’s web design best practices.

What’s not changing?

Customer experience. The quality of our services and how you access and manage them won’t be impacted by the rebrand. We will continue to provide our customers and partners with best in class digital marketing and media management solutions and uninterrupted connectivity.

Our dedication to providing best in class technology solutions for the hospitality industry. We remain committed to helping marketers achieve their goals and providing best in class digital asset management and connectivity solutions for hotel properties, chains and travel websites.

Now that our secret is out, please…

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