Social Media’s Influence on the Travel Shopping Journey

The best way to personify social media is to view it as a massive party. You want to interact with people, get to know what their story is, and share yours with the prospect of developing a relationship. You wouldn’t be a popular individual if you walked up to a new crowd and immediately began your sales pitch or droned on and on about yourself.

If you wouldn’t take that approach at a party, then why would you use it towards your social media efforts? Much as your proper party persona would entail, on social media you want to be respectful, engaging, interesting, helpful, funny and insightful.

Travelers look to social media for travel inspiration, research and booking. Now with the extensive influx of new and innovative platforms blossoming on the digital horizon, hoteliers need to understand the power of each of these vehicles and what travel shoppers are using them for.

Take some of these metrics in to fully embrace the magnitude of the social sphere and how its influence pertains to the travel industry:

  • There are 1 billion travel Pins on Pinterest
  • Branded Vines receive 400% more shares than branded videos
  • The travel hashtag reveals 19 million posts on Instagram
  • 2 in 3 people user Twitter on holidays

Simply obtaining a presence on social media platforms is a very small fraction of the game plan. The new digital age is exploding with content across all the world’s largest networks, creating ample opportunities to authentically showcase your story to prospective guests.

These metrics prove that social media has a firm grip on the travel shopping journey and your hotel’s story not only needs to adapt but have touch points across all platforms that shoppers are seeking inspiration from.

Still not convinced on where social media plays a role in the travel shopping journey? View the full infographic to fully grasp its impact.

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