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Your Top Social Webinar Questions Answered By Our Experts

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar on the subject of social media for hotel marketers.  This was a hot topic for our listeners who kept the conservation buzzing by posing thoughtful questions throughout the webinar.

Here are some of your top questions, answered by our expert guest speakers Monica Rafter, owner of Write on Marketing Communications, and Daniel Edward Craig, founder of Reknown.


Natacha asked: Which social media channels are the most important for hotel marketers to focus on?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, but the basics, especially when you’re starting, are the best.  Choose channels that allow you to tell your story in the most comprehensive way.  This would mean utilizing Facebook, because of the mass amount of people who are on this platform, and the way it enables you to share images and text to tell your story, along with making it easy to interact with consumers.  You can even link your Twitter account to Facebook to generate more of a social media trail.  Pinterest is great because you can tell stories visually and Google+ is important because of the volume of users and it helps with your search engine optimization.  YouTube is also a great platform to be a part of because you can share your story through the use of video.  Those would be my go-to social media platforms. Of course, it depends on your team and how much man power you have to manage the channels.   If you didn’t do anything else, start with Facebook.

Andrew asked: How do I gain more Likes on my hotel Facebook page?
I don’t think gaining likes should be the end goal, but maybe a means to an end: building a community of people who share an affinity with your brand. Hotels focus on likes because they’re easy to measure and give the illusion of popularity. But it’s a vanity metric that has little meaning on its own. What’s more important is who likes you. People are getting stingier about liking brands because they don’t want their feed clogged with promotional messaging. So, hotels have to work hard to build communities by being likeable. That means helpful and curious, plugged into your destination, responsive, resourceful, and not too talkative.

Desiree asked: What are some examples of good posts made by hotels online?

Let’s take a look at some of the best example of hotels who have really embraced social media and used it to create positive traction:

  • Use real-time images to post online.  Share actual pictures, like Wickaninnish Inn did, instead of gimmicky clip-art to generate a longer-lasting impression on your followers.


  • The Opus Hotel in Vancouver shares style and travel tips via Twitter @OpusHotels. This strategy helps build a brand personality.


  • Show off some of your hotel’s top features and amenities.  Garden of the Gods Hotel (@ggclubcos) is known for hosting fabulous weddings.  They use their Twitter to show off some of the great weddings and events they held on site.q&a3

To hear more about the role social media is playing in the hotel industry, watch the recording of our webinar: Strategically Social:  How to Tell Your Hotel’s Story on Social Media.

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